Par "Varbūt palikušas 35 vasaras" ideju un procesu / About idea and process of MAYBE 35 SUMMERS LEFT

A 10 min. short story about making my MA work - set of cross disciplinary artworks dedicated to the YouTube videos, acopolipse, quest, responsibility, entropy.

Varbūt palikušas 35 vasaras / MAYBE 35 SUMMERS LEFT

My responsibility and possibilities of given resources in the frame of time.
Cross disciplinary set of works, that overlap installation, photography, video and performance.
Served also as set of works for gaining my masters degree at The Art Academy of Latvia.

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Dungošana "Ieejai baltajā telpā" / CROON for ENTRANCE IN THE WHITE SPACE

Next day after carnival night makes installation and performance of all that the room held complete. Collects all the marks left. Brings in new actions and reactions, movements towards the Entrance.
Setup - Ilze Aulmane installation and performance room "Entrance in the white space"
Context - the Art Academy of Latvia carnival 2020 "Distopia.Utopia".

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Ieeja baltajā telpā / ENTRANCE IN THE WHITE SPACE

Installation and performance room "Enter in the white space" was created in context of the 82. carnival of Art Academy of Latvia "Utopia. Dystopia". The room was also explored as a "jazz room". 
Only after the carnival night the installation was complete together with all the left marks, leftovers and lost and forgotten items.

Utopiskie levitātori / UTOPIAN LEVITATORS

22:39 min from our gig / performance at the Art Academy of Latvia carnival 2020 "Dystopia.Utopia". Setup - Ilze Aulmane installation and performance "entrance in the white space".

Pusaudziska intimitāte / TEENAGE INTIMACY

Is it goes away with age or we get it and never lose it....? What is it, what trick is it? To scare or to be scared, to be open and to open, to overcome and to be overcome. Not to know what it wil be like,..

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Performance "Es pastāstīšu par savu darbu" / "I'LL TELL YOU ABOUT MY WORK"

Between dump & heaven many of us levitate through our lives overloaded with environmental trash, virtual information, consumerism, city life. And still you can find lightness in the middle of all that. What do YOU see in this installation & performance? I was surprised, how accurate answers, which I heard, corresponded to what I was thinking when making this peace of art - chaos, decorations of a party and leftovers after a festival, childhood, dump, paradise, internal organs, sea creatures and many more. It is also about experimentation, childlike attitude of playing, making stories and adventures on the spot. And also - something that usual words cannot explain__

Skices pieaugušo dzīvei / SKETCHES FOR THE GROWN UP LIFE

Party leftovers, slaughterhouse, paradise, children "tree houses"... ever changing poetry of our days -materials, ideas and eternity.
Details from my installation in group show "Academia" at exhibition hall "Arsenāls", 19.09. - 17.11.2019.

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Nebeidzamais rotaļu laukums / ENDLESS PLAYGROUND

Closeness of fabric, climbing trees, toys and flowers, dragons and vulva. Not to forget need of playful process for creating the next step. Flowers also have their attitude...

Mixed media: home textile, plastic, rubber foam, acrylic, show at Art Academy of Latvia, 2019

Burblis / BUBBLE

Story is about virtual communication, speach bubbles, errors, private space extentions, meetinpoint of private and public. Wishfull universe of calm green and funny youtube videos.
Instalation BURBLIS_Gallery Istaba_Riga_Latvia
Mixed media - reused home textile, acrylic, readymades, asamblage, various glues, strings etc., 3x7m, 2019

Piejūras pilsēta / SEASIDE CITY

Listen to sounds of refigerator - flows, buzz, sough - it finds me - in me, through us, around... In which sea I want to drawn and from which I want to avoid? 
Exhibited - solo show "Piejūras pilsēta" (Seaside city) at Culture palace Ziemeļblāzma jan. - mar. 2019.

Liedags; akrils, ex. polistirols  / SEASHORE; ex. polystyrene, acrylic, 1.2x1.3m, 2018

 Piejūras pilsēta (nr.13), audekls, akrils / SEASIDE CITY (nr.13), canvas, acrylic, 1.5x2m, 2018

Sūnās / HARSH & MOSS

Beautiful moss without roots covers, grows over garbage, war artifacts, tree roots, animal bones in layers and layers. Harsh sanding paper times v.s. soft rice paper times makes the hole picture of process of "becoming".

Aizvesturiskie dzīvnieki / PREHISTORIC CREATURES

Who lived here before and even before that and even even before before that that __?

Detaļa no gleznojuma Latvijas Dabas muzejam, akvarelis, 2017
Detail of nature change painting for Latvia Nature museum, aquarelle, 2017

Telefonsarunu piezīmes / PHONECALL NOTES

Building an escape from stationery. Connecting squares on the notebook page edge. Schemes deep within.

Vvvvvvv / VVVVVVVV

vvvv vvv vvvv     V  WWWV""""""""""""""

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Mēs visi dažkārt esam rotaļlietas / WE ALL ARE TOYS SOMETIMES

A pose, a gaze, why toys are made? They are not alive, but I imagine, may imagination works in a way I play out myself and this process extents my understanding and being.

Santas zaķis, audekls, eļļa / HARE, canvas, oil, 0.2x0.15m

Lācis Palle, kartons, akrils / BEAR PALLE, cardboard, acrylic, 1.2x1.2m